Merry Gentlemen Collection (Lumberjack)


Merry Gentlemen Collection.

A little something just for him.


Everything he needs to keep his beard soft & well maintained, plus a little extra for the cold, dry weather.  Our Lumberjack scent is made up of combination of  spruce, pine and other forest essential oils used in aromatherapy to calm the mind & invigorate the senses.   This collection includes:


*Lumberjack Beard Butter

*Lumberjack Beard Oil

*LIPS Mint chapstick



Beard Oil is designed for daily use to keep facial hair and the skin underneath smooth and hydrated. Beard Butter is that little extra boost we all need on occasion in particularly dry or cold months. Use this butter once a week at the most to deep condition facial hair, promote healthy growth and keep the skin underneath healthy.

(Please note, all our products are made with organic/natural ingredients & quality essential oils.)



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