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DIY Vanilla Extract

Once you’ve made it, you’ll never  reach for fake again.

  Hate to break it to you, but traditional Vanilla Extract, is  NOT made from vanilla beans. Most store bought Vanilla Extract is created using Castoreum, a chemical compound found beaver castor sacs. And yes, those are located right by the anal glands. Don’t feel like thanking a beaver for your flavoring? Making your own is surprisingly easy. You’ll need:

*Rum or Vodka 

*5-10 vanilla beans.

*Fine mesh cheese cloth (to strain)

*Quart sized mason jar

FIll a quart sized mason jar with rum or vodka. Slit vanilla beans down the long side & pop them in mason jar. Screw on the lid & store it in a cool/dry place for 4-6 months.  Strain into cheesecloth & pour back into mason jar or amber bottle for storage. Viola! That’s it. Perfect as a gift or for personal use. 




Cute labels can be found on etsy.


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How Did We Get Here?

  • How did we end up here? We’re elbows deep in beeswax, calendula and website building with eight kids. To tell that story, let’s hop in this handy time machine and take it back to 2011. 
      Ten years ago we were already interested and fairly knowledgeable on herbal, oily and alternative remedies. That May our fourth child made his appearance…almost 3 months earlier than expected. He arrived wailing like a champ, breathing unassisted and happy as a clam. Until he wasn’t. 5 weeks into a NICU stay, the week he was due to go home, our boy developed Spinal Meningitis, found himself on the receiving end of a 3 week antibiotic course & rode an ambulance to a new, more specialized hospital for surgery due to complications. 
      During that time, we dug deep into immune system building, natural remedies, in depth info on essential oils and the science behind it all. 
      I started making much of our products by hand; which led to friends and family asking for them.   
      A year later, after much encouragement (harassment 😉) from friends, I posted a blog asking for name recommendations for this new business. The goal, to bring clean products to other families at a price that wouldn’t break the bank.  From there, it was home deliveries, local shops and Saturday markets packing babies & hope.  
     Now, 10 years later, we are still going strong with 8 kids, a new home base & a stand alone website, rocking the same purpose and passion.